Welcome to The BMDI

Our research focuses on cognitive, genetic, and environmental risk factors for the development of depression and anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults. Specifically, we are seeking to integrate cognitive and psychiatric genetic theories of psychopathology by evaluating whether information-processing biases (attention, interpretation, and memory) featured in the cognitive theories may represent intermediate phenotypes for specific genetic influences. We are also evaluating gene x cognition x environment models of risk for depression. We are particularly interested in examining how multiple levels of analysis work together to increase depression risk, spanning genetic and epigenetic influences, physiology, cognition, affect, and environmental influences. Our work incorporates a number of approaches including experimental and developmental psychopathology, and methodologies including next-generation gene sequencing and whole methylome scans, eye tracking, psychophysiology, EEG/ERP, and structured, detailed assessments of various environmental influences and psychiatric symptoms/diagnoses.